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Quick release Harness Rule Removed for 2009/12 Rules Book


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To all,

I have just had a discussion with "YA" (Glen Stanaway, Direct Phone: (02) 8424 7408, Email: glen.stanaway@yachting.org.au) re the requirement for Quick release Trapeze Harnesses as of Jan 2009.

To all PLEASE NOTE, THIS RULE HAS BEEN REMOVED from the 2009-2012 Racing Rules of Sailing and is not regulation for any sailing event.

ISAF are in the process of reviewing the requirements and you may, or may not see it back in 2013. DO NOT RUN OUT AND BUY NEW HARNESSES


James Ogilvie

0400 701 878

Australian F18 President

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Guys, This was a clarification to some sailing instructions for a regatta where it was noted as part of the sailing rules.

Please note that my crew (wife) was in a position not long ago where she was caught upside down and was rather Blue when I managed to get her back up. Hence we both have quick release hooks and each carry a knife.

There are arguments both for and against but it has been noted that under the rule book it is not a requirement.

Happy to sell anyone a current Magic Marine Harness with Quick Release Hook and Knife. go to www.nacraxtreme.com

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I'm a bit surprised in this day and age of super safety that it's been dropped, but so be it. I mean, the councils round here are building fences to stop kids jumping off rock ledges etc etc, presumably hoping they'll stay inside on their nintendos getting fat. Pit we can't get a few more into sailing clubs, but that's another story.

While I haver never yet been caught underneath, my crew (Mullet the dog) has and it was a just-in-time moment there too. He doesn't wear a harness, as I just can't get him to hike out straight, but he does move around the boat on demand. But it was one of the experiences that led me to get a quick-release. Hope I never need it.

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I bought a Gill QR harness about a year ago, have never released it in anger, and sort of forgot about it really. Just happened to test it the other day - it wouldn't release easily at all. I always flush it after use, but obviously it needs more than that. Quick spray with silicone and it's good as gold.

Just thought I'd mention it - worth maintaining and checking this stuff.

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