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Pointed Reply goes West

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Instead of driving 6 hours east for a sail this Easter, Pointed Reply went west...to the Lake Boga Sailing Club four day Easter Regatta.

Lake Boga is a large fresh water lake just out of Swan Hill, famous as a Catalina Flying Boat base in WWII.

77 boat took part in the regatta from Optis to F18s and everything in between with more cats than monos (I think).

The "small" cat division was made up of 2 Paper Tigers, an Arrow, a pod of Dolphin, a swarm of Mossies and a aricat.

The big cat division was mainly Cobras, with the F18s and A Class on their own course further up the lake.

I decided to sail Super Sloop and have a bit of practice on the trapeze and give the new jib an outing.

The wind was light for the first race and I had forgotten how the sail SS and I chocked the poor thing and went rather badly. A rethink over lunch and a few adjustments and out for another race. The wind kicked in and things started to get going. The wind was good and steady for the second race on Saturday and both races on Sunday. Fully powered up and everyone out on the wire. Some of the reaches were magic, flat water and boats at full speed. On the reaches, the Maricat SS was a match for the Dolphins, some of the Mossies and even a couple of Cobra. Up wind with longer waterline and centre boards, the bigger cats pulled away.

Lake Boga Sailing Club is a great spot, large grassy rigging and camping right next to the lake. A well set up club house and a well run and organised race committee.

I can recommend the trip out to anyone...

What would be good is if we could round up the South Australian, Victorian and country NSW Maricats for a get together, maybe next Easter....

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Call it a Maricat Muster.........

Seaham to Lake Boga..........1101 km...........not far !!

Grady would come from Port Macquarie.....rumour has it he went to Lake Ayre for a sail....

Next year Easter (GF 19th April) is the middle of NSW school holidays...... then back via Bateman's Bay for the ANZAC weekend regatta.

Yes Phil....a nice new crispy Redhead jib...

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