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NACRA F17 for sale


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 4 years old US/ Euro spec Nacra F17 for sale.  Boat has been sailed 5 times in the past 2 seasons and really needs a new owner to take it out more.


Comes complete with all gear in as new condition and includes trailer, sail box, board and rudder covers and rigging bag.  


Can be sailed one up (main and kite) or two up (main jib and kite) with same yardstick as 5.8 in both configurations.  One up it suits a heaver skipper (90+kg) and two up heavy skipper and light crew (child) or two medium weight crew.  Very fast and rewarding boat to sail.  Unlike other Formula boats the F17 is a one design class which ensures resale value.


Rigged with Nacra infusion wing mast and full harken gear.  Rudders, centerboard, beams, self tacking jib track, rudder housings, castings etc are all identical to Nacra Infusions so all part readily avaliable.


For more info on the boat please see the following link  http://www.nacra.com.au/race/nacra-f17sloop


Boat is in Brisbane but can deliver QLD and northern NSW.  New price is +$25k  Asking $14.5k.  for more info please contact me at craig@jalex.com.au or phone 0438723079






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