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Bundock and brouwer join the F18 and F16 ranks

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03 March 2010


Rivals on the water for years, multiple Olympians and sailing world champions Darren Bundock and Carolijn Brouwer have joined forces in a new business venture set to create waves for a new generation of sailors.

With the Tornado catamaran dropped from the Olympic program for 2012, the talented multihull sailors are starting a new chapter in their lives, which they hope will help spark a resurgence of interest in the sport of sailing.

The long-term goal of the pair is to establish a circuit for the best young sailors in the world complete with professional teams, professional racing, professional coaching and professional media coverage.

Australian Bundock along with Brouwer, who represented both Belgium and The Netherlands in the international arena, will invest their years of experience at the forefront of multihull sailing to make the venture successful.

“We love sailing and want everyone else to love it as much as we do and the best way to do that is to find a class of boat that is attractive to sailors due to its high-performance and speed but is also media and spectator friendly,’’ Brouwer said. “And we believe we have done that with the C2 Formula 18 and the Viper F16.’’

Two-time Olympic silver medallist Bundock and female multiple world champion and round-the-world sailor Brouwer have formed 2B Sailing through which they will distribute in Europe the C2 Formula 18 and the Viper F16 _ two multihulls set to take European waters by storm and given the stamp of approval by two of the best multihull sailors on the planet.

Bundock and Brouwer, the two B’s, will bring to the venture the dedication, attention to detail and passion that helped them become two of the best and most recognised Olympic sailors in the world and will also act as dealers in The Netherlands and Belgium.

The C2 Formula 18 is a high-performance racing machine set to impress with a spinnaker, double trapeze and square-top mainsail and set to thrill with its capacity for speed.

The two-person Viper has been designed as a potential feeder class and pathway to high-performance sailing for a younger generation of sailors, both male and female.

“These boats are seriously fun, seriously great to sail and fill a gap in the market,’’ Bundock said.

“We see the Viper as a problem solver as it is the perfect boat for youth, women or mixed crews with an ideal weight combination of between around 115 to 145 kilos.”

“The C2 Formula 18 is just a weapon. It is fast, state-of-the-art and so exciting to sail. It is a boat designed to be a winner on and off the race track.’’

In its first ever regatta, the C2 Formula 18 exceeded even Bundock and Brouwer’s expectations when it raced to a first and second in the Australian championships over the Southern Hemisphere summer. Just weeks later the Viper F16 caused heads to turn when it claimed line honours in a marathon in Sydney, Australia, beating the bigger Formula 18’s and Tornados.

“We believe these boats are the way forward for sailing,’’ Brouwer said. “They are fast, spectacular and fun. That is what sport is about.’’

For further information about the C2 Formula 18 and the Viper F16 please go to our website www.2Bsailing.eu



2B Sailing

High Performance Catamarans

Darren Bundock & Carolijn Brouwer

Phone: +31 70 891 9400

Mobile: (AUS) +61 419 885 665

Skype: darren_bundock or cmbrouwer

Email: info@2bsailing.eu

Web: www.2Bsailing.eu

Twitter: 2Bsailing

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