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Jib Furler Problems


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My Calypso has a Ronstan jib furler, same type you'll see on most beach cats. The jib has a built in wire, not a clip on jib that is raised separately. There are 2 problems. Firstly, it's pretty hard to furl in. It gets there, but if i pull the line without cleating it it will quickly un-furl. It feels like maybe it's furling a bit tighter than it should be...


Secondly, when I un-furl it, it doesn't usually unfurl all the way, leaving it wrapped around a few times up the top and I have to un shackle the pullys from the jib clew and do it manually.


The top of the jib shackles to a small (20cm?) wire strop which attaches to a swivel which attaches to the shackle on the tang.


My thoughts are that maybe i make the forestay too tight, or maybe i should swap the order of the setup from Jib strop swivel to jib swivel stop.


Any advice would be appreciated :)

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