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Windrush changes over the years, MK2


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Hi Guys

I have eventually gotten around to compiling some info on the MK2 Windrush hulls. I have attached a doc below.

This is a follow up on what I wrote about the MK1. This is just what I've experienced, it's most likely not all correct but its just what I've done. Remember these boats are just the cheap end of catamaran sailing so fixing them cheaply & having fun is the idea.

I have also included a piece on the rudders that may help some people. I have had lots of not so fun times with these rudders. I have replaced every component of them many times over, and made many adjustments so I hope it helps you with pulling them apart because if they are working well they are great.

When I get around to it I will do a follow up, feel free to comment.



Windrush MK2.doc

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 Hi Quin , love the idea of the pool noodles - I know a couple of our older boats that will benefit from that -  just for you info the Bulkhead boats started at least at hull number 501  (as a mate of mine has that boat) . I think that's also about when they started numbering the hulls.

 Rgds Roger

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Hi Roger

Ok yes I think I remember a few up at Carnarvon around that number now that you mention it. The pool noodles are the go, who can be bothered cutting the hull up and putting lots of bracing wood in. The noodles take half a hour each side and your good to go. No more wobbly hulls, one of the bonuses is if you get a leak and your hull fills there is no room for water. Just remember guys don't use anything but closed cell foam. If you spent a bit of time and really get as many noodles in as you can it makes a huge difference.

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