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more questions as promised.


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getting the boat ready for the upcoming season and have decided to get competitive, not just survive the course, and have a few questions


1 mainsail,

my main has a boltrope in the foot, all the other boats at the club are loose footed, does this make any difference to performance? also I have a "pocket" of loose sail along the foot which I cant pull out ie the sail flaps along the boom even if the other 99% of the sail looks smooth.


2 vang,

I have read on this forum that I can ditch the vang and increase the downhaul but if I remove the vang the bottom batten pushes the boom back off the gooseneck pin ?


3 telltales

basically are they useful on cats and if so where should I put them ? im having heaps of trouble trimming the sails as the boat speed increases. also would a masthead wind indicator be useful ?


4 jib

the jib leach flutters like mad, ive moved the jib cars a couple of times  (they are now 350mm from the front of the track originally 480mm) just wondering where others have there jib cars .

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I have the original Windy race sail with foot bolt rope...pin tops but heaps of power down low..I thought it was just old crap until Paul seen it at PKSC and said they were awesome sails and worth keeping...


Vang not needed..bit of rope controls the boom from pulling away from pin..

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1. If its an old sail then the boltrope is most likely hard and stiff. If you can get it replaced, or if the rope has been tacked to the clew/tack then cut them to allow the sail to be pulled tight. Same goes for the luff rope. Makes a huge difference.

2. Vang. Can be good in light wind when going downwind but in all other winds not necessary, really you should be chasing apparent wind, far enough forward to be well sheeted in.

3.telltales, absolutely otherwise how do you know if you're sheeted in to hard or soft. On the main about 1/3 from the luff, on the jib about 100/150 mm from the luff. Leech telltales too. Off the wind the leech tells as important. Upwind the jib tells are best. Learn to change gears too, learn how to pull the main flat, mast bending which as a bonus tightens the forestay too.

4. Jib, don't know. Maybe the jib is too old. Does it have a leech line that can be tightened. Sail cat rigged!

My 0.02c worth.

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