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Windrush 14 in Nz


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I have got hold of my first boat a Windrush 14 and have been enjoying getting it ready to sail. New ropes and inspection ports and glueing in foam in hull and deep rudder repair to come. The sail number is 2919 except i think the main is older than the jib. It has foam in the bottom of the hulls and only two rear original inspection ports and deep rudders. It has no numbers stamped on it I can find. I am looking forward to getting it in the water and seeing if it is a solid boat. This is my first boat so I have been reading the forum to learn as much as possible in a short space. There seems to be no Windrush scene here in Nz, no idea why? Where these boats made in Nz? so I seem to be on my own. Cheers. Stuart

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