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We have had some advice that due to public libility we cannot conduct the event.

The QYA will not sanction it and we were not able to buy public liability insurance ( and that was before Sept 11 but after the 98 Sydney Hobart)

we are looking at alternatives but this will not be clear until later this year.

With the advent of the other manufacturers bringing in the F18 cats we will probably make it part of the 2003 superseries for F18 with classes for other 2 man boats with a yardstick of less than 72- Victorian Yardstick.

Will keep you posted

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Please tell more about the race. I would be one to do it for sure. I've been silly enough to do the hogs breath 1000 on a hobie 16 & enjoyed it. yes I'm seeing a doctor about but he said he can do nothing for me. Oh well lets do some more long distance races biggrin.gif


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At this stage the regatta will proceed but not until 2003 at the earliest.

We do have some issues with the public liability issue.

catsailor.net want to wait until the F18 fleet builds so that we can have a F18 super series marathon. This will combine with the open 20 (nacra 5.8 Taipan 5.7 Tornado etc)

Keep looking for updates at www.catsailor.net

under reef classic

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Hi Andrew,

Do you have any news or advice regarding long distance or off shore races ie public liability.

I am interested in organising a Catamaran race starting and finishing at Botany Bay (In front of Kurnell Catamaran Club)and rounding Weddingcake (Coogee Bay).

We would like to have it open to both off the beach and large multis and have atleast 3 support boats

1 at Botany heads

1 at Weddingcake

1 roaming

The Roaming boat we will ask the Coast Guard (offer a donation). Also include hire EPIRBs and maybe 1 flare per crew as part of the entry cost for the off the beach boats.

Any advice welcome.

Stephen Medwell

Team Tornado 'ALIVE'



supported by

Club Marine (Boat Insurance)

Seawind Catamarans

Finlease (Marine Finance)

Sign*A*Rama - Petersham

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