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catsailor.net Reef Classic - 2003 - anyone interested ?

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We are looking for anyone out there that knows what legal avenues we have to hold this event without worrying about public liability insurance.

We want the event to be truly "accept at your OWN risk" but worried about our legal liabilities.

If we can overcome this it will be on again...

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I am extremely interested in this event. Long distance races really appeal to me - much more than round the bouys. I have spoken to a few sailors in SA who are also very keen.

To have a race of this kind in this beautiful part of the world and in such a popular tourist destination could well become a huge international event in years to come.

I would like to be able if possible to sail it one up. There could be some requirement to be attached to the boat. This may even be a good idea for two up boats - at least for the helm. With a requirement to also carry an epirb I don't see why this shouldn't be possible. There could also be a requirement to be able to demonstrate that as the sailor of a 1 up boat you are able to right your capsized cat without assistance within a certain time, say 5 minutes.

Any other solo sailors out there interested too? What about the rest of you Taipan Cat rig sailors and the Nacra 16sq sailors. Make your voices heard!!

I would be happy also to assume my own risk.

There still seem to be marathon races held overseas. Presumably these all have insurers. If an Australian insurer can't be found what about approaching the companies that insure these events?

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I love that sort of stuff. I have sailed that area a many times in an 8meter trailer sailer. Very beautiful, but the wind can really howl with huge steep waves. I think I might give it a miss this year as my experience on these cats so far is only 2 days, lol

Is it a yearly event, because I would love to do it once I get a bit more experience. Would attempting it in an 89 model 5.8 be inviting disaster?

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Hope to here some more scuttlebutt on this topic there's got o be a few crews keen on the idea. There's definetly two boats from Mackay that would be interested.

Its a damn shame the legals should interfere with a bit of healthy fun, some of the large boat events such as the now expired Darwin Ambon there was always a "cruising" section which had I believe more relaxed rules to comply with so that the people wanting just to do the trip could do so in freindly company. Is it possible to just happen to meet up with a few boats somewhere on the barrier reef and decide to sail north for a few days?

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Guest khsd16

Interesting concept

It could be trialed in a different way though

I love long distance racing ever since I did the surf to city (gold coast to brisbane)on my 16ft tri. It was a fluke that I entered along with some others and was accepted.

Yes I had to carry all the necessary safety gear including an outboard.

But my point is this

Why try to reinvent the wheel. It would probably be easier to organise it in conjunction with major regattas ie surf to city or bay to bay. Trailer sailor regattas with multihull sections would be just the thing. Convincing them and organising it may be another hurdle but the bones are already there to build on.

Any Thoughts?

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Guest Old Mate

Sounds Good Howabout make it a Cat/skiff Regatta???

Then you could get lots more people! And also Maybe an insurance company could sponsor it??? :S I dunno, but looks good! Fast Howling racing, specially in July in NTH QLD hahaha!!!


Should be good!

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