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Maricat nationals 2014/2015


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OK Guys and Gals
The Maricat Nationals will be held on the weekends of 14/15 Feb at Fish River Oberon. Carcoar dam is too low at the moment so Oberon it is. The national titles are open to all Maricats, cat rigged, sloop rigged, super sloop and M5.0. It would be good if members intending to sail can let me know what configuration they are planning to sail in, as we are getting a fair stock of unclaimed trophies here (eg sloop classic 2nd 3rd, state and national titles), the less trophies we waste because the title was not contested the more money stays with the assoc. I'll post the NOR and Sailing Instructions as soon as I can.  I will also put up accommodation options too as soon as I have them.

your assoc President Phil

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