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2017 World Masters Games Sailing Regatta, Auckland NZ


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The World Masters Games are coming to Auckland in 2017 and the sailing regatta is being held at Torbay Sailing Club 22km north of Auckland Central.


The NZ designed Weta 4.4 Trimaran has been selected as the multihull for the event In addition to the Laser and Laser Radial


Proposed Age Categories

35-44 Apprentice Master (Laser, Radial and Weta)
45-54 Master (Laser, Radial and Weta)
55+ Grand Master (Laser)
55-64 Grand Master (Radial and Weta)
65+ Great Grand Master (Radial and Weta)


Rental Boats

Rental boats will be available for charter - prices have yet to be fixed.


Buy, Sail and Ship
There will also be options to buy a boat for delivery at the regatta and have it shipped home afterwards (tax benefits vary)


Australia Container Shipment

The Australian Weta Class is looking to ship a container of boats from Sydney to Auckland (and back) for use at the regatta.

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