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Easter Regatta


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Hi Pete,

The first day we were struggling with light wind (less than 5knts) and Myself and Ben didnt have it set up for that light so we were putting around just testing and setting up.

The second day we raked our masts forward 1 full hole on the stays and It made a huge differnce even in the 18-24knts.

Got an average start but then started coming through the field before my rudders kicked up an inch on a down wind run making very hard to steer, so had to come in. Ben stayed out there and did quite well racing with a newer mossie and getting him on the finish mark(he sailed a very good tactical race). The rest of day 2 was canned due to wind picking up to 35knts at stages and before we left the swell was that huge you couldnt be blame for going for a surf.

Learnt alot down there and Might actually pick up a 3 year old glass mossie as well.

No off the beach for Kurnell and a few of the vic sailors want to come up here to race as the club they usually race at on Easter is dry.



On the off season myself and the vic and sa assoc. members are exchanging regatta details so hopefully there might be a few regatta's where the mossies make up a few numbers.

32 mossies at the state titles shows that they are still out in force, just need a few up this way.

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