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New Maricat Sailor needing help!


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Hi everyone, 
I am only a junior so my knowledge of sailing is quite small haha,
but i would love to learn as i seem to have a new obsession with sailing, however. I have recently bought my first boat to which i believe to be a mk 11 14ft Mari. It would be great to have a few questions answered that have arisen over the past month of owning it. 
Living in Victoria means we have had a fair bit of rain lately; and having no garage to have the Mari means it sits in the driveway with a tarp over the tramp. The problem is when i tipped the bow of the boat up to put onto the back of the car, about 1-2 bucket loads of water poured out the drain holes on the back of the boat, it has been sitting in the driveway for about 3 weeks and the amount of rain we've had lately might be why it was filled with so much water, but i was wondering is this a normal occurrence for the Maris hull to fill with water whilst outside under rain? i have taken it out twice sailing without too much drama. Another question i have is what is the difference between Cat Rigged, Sloop rigged and Super Sloop rigged, an explanation would be fantastic.

Thanks! :D  


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I get the same.  I think it's likely to be the rails that the tramp is connected to.  There's quite a lot of stress with you jumping around.  Push a hosepipe into the bung holes and blow, not necessary to be hard and don't use a compressor.  Once you have a bit of pressure, spray soapy water along the tramp rails.  If there are no bubbles, then spray along the rubbing strip.  The hatch covers are also candidates.  Once you find out where the water is getting in then you can move to a solution.


Cat rigged boats have one sail, sloop have a main and a jib usually sailed by two people and super sloop is main and jib and trapeze sailed by one person.

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Yes it is a Mk 2. You can tell by the back beam..

You are very unlikely to get that amount of water in the hulls when sitting on land. You need to check after sailing.

First place to check is the bungs, are they tight and sealed ?

The photo is a bit hard to see but where the rudders are attached looks a bit dimpled or is that just shadow.

Water can leak through loose or damaged or badly repaired rudder mounts.

Look up the threads for how to check the boat for leaks. rudder pindles, bungs, tramp track,

And what is the block and cleat on the front beam ?

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Hey Pointed, thanks for the reply,
On inspection on the weekend i did notice there were a fair few cracks on the rudder mounts, It looks as if it was from the rudder mount being pushed into the hull from a collision on the rudders? What would be the way to fix this?
Thanks i'll have another search of the forum. 

that may be the GoPro case you can see on the front beam

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