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Humpybong Yacht Club Promo and Opening Days

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Dear sailor,

The 2007 2008 sailing season is about to start, With Humpybong Yacht Club holding a promotional day this Saturday the first of September. So if you have a class you would like to show and tell and please bring your boat and class flyers along on the day.

Nacra, Corsair, Hobie, A class, F-18, International Canoe, Maricat, Windrider trimaran, and possibly MG, will be just some of the classes there to enjoy. Moreton Bay Marine Suppliers, Brisbane Catamarans Centre, Magic Marine, Sutton Surf and Sail will also be there showing their wares.

The day starts at 11 a.m. and will go through until about 4 p.m. Under The Woody Point Professionals Marquise will be a sausage sizzle throughout the afternoon.

Your help will make this day a success.

On Sunday humpybong yacht club will open its racing for the new season. We hope you will enjoy the company of your fellow sailors and join us for an action packed day.

Briefing around 10:30 a.m.

with three to four races for the day and afterwards upstairs in the clubhouse for lucky sail draws.

This season the Humpybong Yacht Club would like to see some new faces racing, or just having a casual day sail.

If you don't have a boat then don't forget Sutton Sail and Surf have boats for hire right in front of the club. You can even hire and races these boats. Talk to Greg I am sure he will accommodate you with your needs.

If you know anybody with a sailing dinghy, catamaran or any of the beach sailboat then let them know they are welcome boat promo day and opening day.

See you all on water

Yours in sailing,

Russ McDonald.

President Hunpybong Yacht Club.

PH : Club 38882170 or Home 32031330


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