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1986 Hobie 16 "HOGSBREATH 1000" Catamaran FOR SALE


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1986 Hobie 16 "HOGSBREATH 1000" Catamaran -- That year the best Hobie racers in the world competed for five days across 694 miles of open Gulf of Mexico waters in what is considered one of the most grueling offshore sailing marathon races in the world. There were twelve teams from six countries. This boat which I am selling was one of the three Australian boats entered in that race. And the Australians won!

To read more about the 1986 Hog's Breath 1000 International Challenge race, see page 42 of the July/August 1986 edition of Hobie Hotline Magazine at http://cdn.hobiecat.com/digital_assets/HotLine_1986_07.pdf , or get a copy of the September 1986 Outside Magazine.  The picture below is from the Magazine.

You will notice "The Boat" stickers on the rear of the hulls. I bought this Aussie boat right after the race at the famous "The Boat" in Fort Walton Beach Florida -- from Jim & Carlton Tucker. If you look at the pics you can see see the two Australia stickers still on the rear tramp crossbar.

One of the best used Hobie 16s around and definitely not your typical 16. A great boat and a piece of history.

  • 1986 Royal Catamaran Trailer
    • Aluminum, single axle, winch.
    • Super Oversize Rollers make it easy to move boat on/off trailer with no damage.
    • Sail Tube -- "SSI Toy Box" -- rotomoulded very large storage for sails, booms, tillers and more. Easy access from both ends. Lockable.
  • 1986 Hobie Cat 16ft
    • Sails -- color "Tidal Wave". One set main and jib in excellent shape. Added leach and luff caps which prevent batten splitting and align batten to the angle of the sail. No more battens poking through the sail at the mast. Easy to tune the sail with just the right camber.
    • White Hulls -- solid dry hulls, no soft spots, very tight boat.
    • Trampoline light blue.
    • Comptip mast. Added Sail feeder and gooseneck bearing to ease mainsail raising. Spray a little silicone on the track and the mainsail goes up easily and locks in first try!
    • Halyard Grip Kit -- this is a guide installed on one side of the mast, that you guide the jib halyard through before securing it. Holds the halyard against the mast, keeping it out of the way and preventing the jib battens from hanging up in the halyard, allowing for smoother and quicker tacks, especially in light winds.
    • Mast Hinge Kit -- Murray's heavy duty mast hinge which is stronger than standard Hobie hinge and helps keep everything lined up when raising mast. Includes special pins with retainers to prevent loss.
    • I include a set of quick release pins to speed up boat setup -- for the jib, mainsheet system and tiller.
    • EPO 864 Carbon Fiber Rudder Blades with Trentec Rudder Return kit helping one handed rudder raise and deploy.
    • Neoprene Anti-Skid side rail kit -- comfortable on the feet for extended trapping.
    • Hobie "Hot Stick" 52"-96" telescoping tiller -- easily adjustable, allows you to steer from close in on the tramp or way out in a trapeze.
    • Dakine Catamaran Footstraps -- on the top rear of each hull. Allow you to lock a foot in and securely trapeze from the extreme far rear of the hull. Serve dual purpose as a carry handle. Nothing like sailing on a broad reach in 20 to 30 knot winds out on the trapeze and hanging off the aft end of the boat.

The boat came with the following list of factory supplied equipment. As published in the RULES & REGULATIONS. 1986 HOG'S BREATH 1000, page 13, paragraph 28. This boat was prepared by Hobie for the demands of the open water Hogs Breath race. Also check the attached pics for a copy of the info from Hobie Catamaran.

  • New style heavy duty one piece gudgeons
  • All shrouds and bridles, next size up.
  • Double trapeze wire with dog bones. I include two trapeze seats -- aka harnesses (blue).
  • Harken 6-1 Low Profile mainsheet system -- 57mm line, light weight system, low profile with ratchet and light air modes. Unloaded runs freely during mark roundings and jibes.
  • Snap back righting line system - The Hawaiian Righting System doubles as a preventer line. Big 1/2" braided righting line is suspended by shock cord under the trampoline. Lines terminate at the transom. Behind-the-back support allows lighter crews to combine weight or solo skippers to have a free hand for scooping up water (as with the Bucket Up Righting Aid) to add leverage.
  • Aussie Jib Halyard system - Reduce mast compression by 66%! The Aussie Jib Halyard Kit allows easier tacking, better mast rotation and consistent mast bend! Includes Hobie tramp zip pouch allowing you to secure the extra line on the tramp out of the way untangled.
  • Extra chain plate for jib forestay -- allows for extreme raking of the mast if needed.
  • Double foam plug seals in pylons -- ensure interior of hulls stay dry, even if submerged.
  • All white hulls with black anodizing
  • Extra glass lay-up in bow tang and transom areas
  • Extra glass lay-up in keel area
  • Jib traveler kit -- Trentec super low-profile 1552 jib cars needed for racked back masts combined with low profile color coded lance cleats.

Even with all the upgrades - The boat is Racing Class Legal for all Hobie Sanctioned races.

The only modification I made to the original boat was removing the silver Coors Light advertising stickers from the bows. I used to race this boat in the late 80's and at every regatta I had to get a special exception for the boat because most class legal races do not allow advertising on the boat of any kind. Easier to just take it off.

Boat can crew 1 to 4 people.  If you are in Linn County, Iowa I can recommend Pleasant Creek Lake as a great place to sail, with plenty of room to fly a hull, or just cruise on a sunny afternoon.

A new Hobie 16 is almost $12K without extras and without a trailer. This boat is ready to sail or race and once at the water's edge, you could be sailing in under 30 minutes. Join the Hobie Way of Life. . ..Yours for $2400.00!

Serious inquiries only -- please. Cash only -- no checks.

Warren Phillips
(319) 804-9678




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