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Hobie 16 for sale - boat sold


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I have a white 16' 1980 ish Hobie for sale.  This girl has been with us for a while now, in both salt and fresh water, although mainly the fresh waters of Lake Tinaroo in Nth Qld. 

Great family boat.  My 2 ex teenage kids have moved to Brisbane and I have purchased a smaller boat. (read slower).

This boat is not new however it is very sailable.  The hulls have just had a new strip of fibreglass put on the bottom of the hulls and the hulls have been repainted.  Not a perfect job but quite passable.

The trailer, sailbox, spare wheel (new rim and tyre), beach rollers, mast float, 2 trapeze wires, lights on the trailer are all good to go.

Mast and boom are probably original however sails are newer..... but I am unsure of how new.

We have had loads of fun with her however, she is looking for a new family now.

First to see will buy.

Contact me on 0407168536 or pbyrne@netknowhow.com.au







Hobie port inside.jpg

Hobie- port side.jpg

Hobie Rear.jpg

Hobie rigged.jpg

hobie- shed in background.jpg

Hobie starbaord inside.jpg

Hobie starboard.jpg

Hobie tramp 2.jpg

Hobie Tramp.jpg

hull- port.jpg

left wheel.jpg

mast- .jpg

mast float.jpg


right wheel.jpg



sailbox - inside.jpg


sails- hobie.jpg


sails- window.jpg



tramp 3.jpg



boom - signs of age- still strong.jpg

boom, pulleys.jpg

mast head.jpg

sail box rear .jpg

sails up.jpg

Trailer and sail box.jpg

trailer hitch.jpg

tramp rear.jpg

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