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4.3 Mk1 Removing the Front Beam


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I will be replacing the original DS, wire and tangs since they are original and I have received advice they should be replaced.  I am happy to do that since they are essential structural members.  My question is, what difficulties can I expect to face when trying to remove the two bolts from each side?  Will they be frozen?  If all goes well can I just replace the tangs, slap on a bit of silicon, and refasten the bolts?

Any help or suggestions will be gratefully received since I have not seen any mention of this topic on this forum.

Thank you

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Make sure that you release all tension from the dolphin striker before you undo the bolts, If your boat still has the aluminium columns/towers that bring the bolt heads up to the top of the beam the bolts may have grown inside the towers as the towers are ally and the bolts are stainless.  If that is the case the bolts may be hard to remove and the towers will likely split when you move the bolts, if that happens you will need to replace the bolts with shorter ones and put big stainless washers in the bottom of the beam to spread the load.

There is a cast alloy washer that is available from the dealer that works better than a big washer, and I would advise using them really.  When you replace the beam I suggest that you put bog or at least sikaflex under the beam before you bolt it all down to bed the beam down nice and snug.


If you need bits call Mick on 0419999485



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