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Stitching tramps


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Just thought I'd say, my tramp was losing stitches, probably because it's quite old for a 'racing' tramp.

I need it for next week so the usual local people were out so I brought it to work (Newcastle).

The boys at the North Sails loft next to the Newcastle Yacht club ran two sets of stitching around for $25.

Oh yes, couple of weeks ago I bought some stuff to do the bolt rope with, it is solid rubber (or some other material) 7.45mm tube with a layer of woven stuff and a tab that they use for bimini's etc.  It should do the trick.  I know that last time I had a lot of trouble getting the right sized stuff - Bunnings were either too thin or too thick.

I now have to get the bugger back on!  Washing up liquid is apparently the go to lubricant (because it washes out).

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