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2018 Nationals 22 - 25 January 2018


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The 2018 nationals will be held at Rye Sailing Club 22 - 25 January 2018

Very reasonable race fees (which includes membership to the association).

The best way to keep the class strong is to come and enjoy events like this.  Great opportunity to meet other sailors in your class and enjoy some great class racing.


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good rollup of boats at the nationals 15 boats,  12 vipers 2 nacras and one other.  results are here

great to see such a mixed fleet of sailors.  The fleet included a number of youth NACRA 15 sailors, senior sailors, Father Son teams, mixed teams, all boy and all girl teams and a number of one up boats.  

The F16 class is certainly a very versatile class.

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As this was my first F16 event I was impressed that although we were a light team (125 kg) we were able to stay in touch in the heavy breeze, but had little to no advantage in the light. 

Sailing 1 up on the first day due to crew issues there is a big differential. I found upwind I could not match the upwind speed of the boats with jibs. Downwind was good till trapezing was required. My courage was questionable and sitting got me to the finish without incident but very far down the fleet. 

It was a great event, there are a number of photos on facebook from it. 

Rye has the most amazing location, smooth water and wonderful sea breeze. Well worth the drive for us from Sydney. 

Next event is Victoria states 11-12 March, where F16 will be combined with the F18 fleet but scored separately. It should be good!

Next National is in NSW, date and location TBA. 

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