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Change of sail number for my Maricat

Badgered Cat

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Hi guys.

I thought that I should let the Association know that I have changed my sail number.  I thought I would do this, to save any confusion, between Marks's Maricat and mine. As you all are aware that I purchased Mark's old sails.  His sail number is 5009.  So what I have done, to be easy and simple is added the numeral 1 to the end of the number. So effectively my sail number is 50091. I certainly hope this is all ok.  I know it would not have made much difference with me sailing in Tasmania, as there is no other 5009 racing in Tasmania. However I am thinking o the future, for if and when I get up to NSW to race with my sails, as I do not want confusion to happen on the water. And anyhow, it makes it seem as though I have a more recent maricat with that number.....LOL!!!!   And what a hoot if people think, that Maricat have made 50091 different boats.........Funny as.

Anyhow, purchased a few more goodies today. Brought a new mainsheet as nine was a little short.  I purchased 14 metres of 8mm double braid, and it is colour matched to the boat.....LOL!! as it is purple in colour with a yellow fleck through it.  Plenty long enough now, and it means i have one continous mainsheet, and traveller sheet.  When I took the old one off, it measured 6 metres ....definitely a little short. 

Just the new downhaul to be fitted tomorrow, and then maybe Friday, I will take it  to my local beach and rig it for the Xmas New Year break. I hope to maybe go for an afternoon sail with it on Friday. And then next Wednesday, is the start of a a large offshore yacht race, which is the start of the Launceston to Hobart yacht race, a good friend of mine, with his Maricat, and myself with mine, hope to follow the start of the yacht race, from the start line, and follow them through to the heads of the Tamar River. So I will let you know how my first sail or 2 goes. And hopefully my wife will get some decent photos of it sailing on the water.

Cheers David.

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Best of luck with the sailing.

Anarchy is the rule today for sail numbers!  There is an official list and a sailmaker can apply for a new number which are allocated by sail, not by boat but many of us don't heed this process.  If you look at the Budgewoi facebook page where there are lots of pics of the NSW States' there are a lot of differing numbers, mine is 37, Darcy uses 27 on his foam sandwich boat and so it goes on.

Really as long as the boat can be identified that's all you need to worry about.  Oh yes, Warren bought Darcy's sail, it was 5000, he then put a 1 at front and back so it became 150001 !  The 1's are cheapest usually.

Mainsheet can be 10m but I think I use 11 just to make sure.  I've also put a strip of shadecloth tucked under the rear trampoline 'skirt' and tied to the bar and the rear beam to stop the sheet disappearing out the back which it did regularly - you'd be amazed how much force it takes to pull in a wayward sheet.

I called starboard on a yacht the other day!  It didn't change direction, lucky I was fast enough to pass without incident!

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I cheated to put the number one on the sail. As the sail has chaffing on the battens pockets, where the sail was rubbing against the stays. So yesterday I went to the local marine chandler to buy 50mm sail repair tape. They had in stock every colour but Lilac, and Purple. So I purchased Black. After putting strips across the rub points on the sail, I then had enough left over to cut into strips for numeral ones for the sail. Simple up and down.  I had to use the numeral one, as there was not enough room on the sail to put any other numeral, plus it was so simple to make, just one cut.


Back in the days when I use to race Alpha Omegas, we use to have a shock cored attached to the rear beam near then traveller, then come forward up to the main beam, through a hole in the trampoline near the mast with a eyelet in the hole, then up through a pulley attached to the base of the mast, and at that point a large  nylon tow ring was ties to the shock-cord.  The continuous  mainsheet would then be fed through the ring. By doing this, the mainsheet was always being drawn forward on the trampoline. And never would it end out the back of the boar. So this is why I went for 14 metres, so that I would have enough to put this system in place,as it will be ever so easy, as I have a 2 piece trampoline, and therefore do not have to put a hole in the trampoline near the mast.However, I do thank you for your suggestion as well. My wife has industrial sewing machines. So next winter I could remove the trampoline and get her to sew a flap to the trampoline, to then place over the lacing.

It is wonderful, that everyone here is helpful with giving suggestion to NEWBIES.


Cheers and thanks again David.

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These days the sail numbers are irrelevant.

The only issue arises if two boats with the same sail number sail at the same time.

I have sail numbers 5600 and 5601.

My old boat was originally 32xx, then changed by the next owner to 007 then when I bought it my new sail was 5008.

If you want to know the original sail number for your boat it can usually be found written on the boat under the front starboard beam. No one has any idea why they put it there. ... To see it you have to unbolt the beam.


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