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Maricat Nationals

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THE 40th NATIONALS are on Feb 24-25 at Queens Lake near Port Macquarie NSW. It is gearing up to be the biggest in many years. Lots of 4.3s plus the resurgent 5.0s. Boats coming from Canberra, Sydney, Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Griffith, Carcoar, Tumut, north coast, south coast, inland - interstate ?

NOR will be available shortly.

Some discreet camping on site but loads of caravan parks, motels nearby. Great canteen and the pub down the road.

If you own a Maricat or know someone who owns a Maricat, make this an event. 

It's a must.

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Day 1 of the Nationals - the day started light to moderate then blew up to strong.

Four races sailed - 2 or 3 races planned for tomorrow.


1st Rohan and Charlie Nosworthy

2nd Paul McCabe and Jake

3rd Phillip and Ziggy Ewart


1st Dave Younger

2nd Wayne Barry

3rd Rodney Anderson

Super Sloop

1st Michael Colecliffe

2nd Mark Colecliffe

3rd Pat Cotterill


1st Rob and Jade Fowler

2nd Peter Goldie and Rory Robinson

3rd Aaron Goldie

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