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New Sails $$


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Tri-radial from Redhead sails (Gosford), Mid North Sails (Port Macquarie). 

Cross cut from Eastwind sails (Gosford), Flowers and Adams (Newcastle).

Cheapo's from Rolly Tasker but make sure they understand the measurement rules as they stuffed mine up - but for the $850 it cost it was acceptable.  They import to Sydney. Amazingly they stitched the sail then added the battens so there were lots of seams.

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Another option is Mid Coast Sails based in Laurieton NSW. Rohan Nosworthly can make you a radial or a flat cut panel sail.

Rohan used a freshly made horizontal cut main and jib at the Maricat Nationals last week end and it looked nice.

He will give you the price but it would be quite a lot less than the going price for a radial cut sail.

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I think this is the one, hope the link works:  http://4hhAf1Ti.html

There's definitely a difference between the way a tri-radial sail is managed compared to a cross cut sail, however on the course not much difference.  While not the Nationals, at the NSW States I won with a cross cut and Dave with equal points (subjected to countback) has a Redhead radial.

I've had a Redhead too.  I prefer cross cut for their simplicity, only a handful of seams compared to twenty or thirty on the radial.

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