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14 hulls strong?


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I know old cats. Have bought them, sailed them, had them fail.

I want a W14 and I see one for sale that is "been club sailed" and has late sails.

What about the hulls ? The ad says  Mark 2 bulkhead hulls (1055; 260, 265 (have no idea)) ...what does this mean?

This is not about comp sailing, but casual sailing and motor cruising....under ridiculous low friggin bridges. So Hulls.

I want trouble free hulls. I see they have trouble with plywood, foam, no bulkheads....

What would you do to suss out the hulls for trouble? Cats are special becuzz of pressure points. I know that boating without rigging is often harder on the frame than sailing...all o that.

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mk 2 hulls are light and generally faster but the plywood can rot away if not looked after esulting in soft hulls as there is no support. The early windrushes were much heavier but had foam supports running the length of the hulls. Generally very solid, but a bit slower. 


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