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Newbie Mark 1 on Central Coast after advice


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Hi all, I have just bought a Mark 1, sloop rigged, lived outside & not in the water for last 2 years.

CWSC 1296 is hull & sail number. Any idea where this is from? Central West? No joy with net search for this. 

My plan is to take nieces & nephews out on the water together - no racing intended.  A LOT of water (fresh so assume rain) in storage hatches when opened, some (also fresh) in rear compartments.  One small hole in bottom middle of left hull, tramp OK. No soft spots. Trailer is OK but unreg. Main & jib old but OK. 

    Is there a meeting sometime I could get to for advice re hull repair & checking DS & rigging state / need for any replacement bits. Or anyone local happy to visit to dispense advice - I'm at Buff Point close to Budgewoi Lake. Have had a look through the forum but lots more pages to see! Thanks for reading. 

Matt 0418143094


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Darcy lives at Mannering Park and knows all things about old Maricats. 0243591729

Quite a few Maricats sail out of the Mannering Park Sailing club.

Toukley Sailing club also sails cats including Maricats.

CWSC is a sailing club - not sure from where.

1296 is the sail number which indicates a fairly old Mk 1.

Age of the boat does not necessarily indicate the condition.

Ring Darcy he can help with advise and has a stock of second hand parts.

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