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Sail 4 Justice Flotilla (Australia)


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Hi everyone! smile.gif

if you are interested in both sailing as well as social and environmental justice and want to combine the two, please have a look at our website: sail4justice.org

Sail4Justice is a freedom flotilla launching from Narrm/Melbourne in Australia in May and leaving the country from Gimuy/Cairns in June 2019. We will be taking to the seas and our destination is Manus Island.

We sail for human rights, Indigenous sovereignty, and climate justice. Our destination is Manus Island.
We want to highlight the Australian government’s abuse of refugees in indefinite detention. On our journey through the we want draw attention to the West Papuan genocide on our doorstep and show our solidarity with those on the frontlines of climate justice struggles. We hope to link the struggles of First Nations and refugees against our common enemy – the Australian colonialist government.
We will travel a message across land and sea, for freedom and justice across the Pacific.

Check out the info about joining (whether you do or don't have your own boat): sail4justice.org/sail/

Thanks! smile.gif

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