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Dragonfly 8m diagonal resistance to folding, ropes?

'B J'

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I've just bought a Dragonfly 8m swing wing, ( very damaged, which isn't a problem in it's self with 50 years sailing and fibreglass experience), but I wonder what stops it folding, The safety nets are not cut on the diagonal so I assume they don't take the strain, the diagonal 'preventer' pole seams too small to take all the load, so I assume the ropes used to fold it up take the strain. Can anyone confirm this and is there a 'rope plan' available. The wonderful Coast Guard Guys cut ropes as this is quicker to effect a resque. Also while I've got your undivided attention, how long does the dagger board 'handle' have to be, I am going to check where the case is supported and know I can't go much lower than that, but the board already has longitudinal? ( not arthwartship?) hairline cracks so I expect it to break some time hopefully after I've built a new one, but lots of other priorities at the moment. P.S. I have a mould for the 8m Dragonfly, and all the bits required if any one is interested? I'd still love a model of same.

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