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Nacra 570 Rigging help.


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I am the new owner of a very good condition Nacra 570 Sport. Unfortunately the previous owner did not know much about the rigging and the manual I recieved was very generic and not specific to my boat. As such and I have some questions.

1. Is storing the boat with the mast up on a trailer a problem for wear of the boat? I'd prefer to keep it in as ready to sail condition as possible to maximize on the water time.

2. There is a 2 inch stainless ring shackled to forestay adjuster. Is the spinnaker pole supposed to fit through something between the bridle wires? Or does it just stay suspended on its own wires and remain tensioned by them back against the front crossbar. It could be that this ring is simply a point to tie a painter to.

3. On the spinnaker pole there is a v-jam cleat. Is this for the spinnaker tack line? There is also one on the front crossbar. Am i to understand the tackline runs through both? If so, how?

4. How do I tension the rig? Do I just stand the mast up and then pull wires and reshackle them until its within spec? 

5. The jib halyard is a complete mystery to me. It is a 1 mm (really tiny) line attached to a wire that runs up to a wire pulley near the mast tang. Problem is I just don't see how this little polyester line can hold tension on the jib! Also there is a ring and pig tail that is attached to the forestay at the mast tang that from my research fits with the S-hook design I've seen in other Nacra manuals. Any thoughts?


Please help, I've tried to find documentation and manuals online (short of emailing Nacra directly), but I can't find anything specific for my boat.

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