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Hello from New Zealand

I previously owneed a hydra and am looking at buying another.

This may be well known but I changed as per the following boat which made a huge difference in speed 

Changed the boom to a carbon fibre one

Bought a second hand Taipan jib and cut the top off  added 1 horizontal batten and 1  45 degree angle batten 

to hold the top out,

What a Flyer,

Although are a heavy boat with a heavy mast thiss is one cat I could not subraine although at thimmes the cross beam was in the water

The biggest feature is the ample forward hulls and the great centrboards ( if you  need them)

I am looking for a Hydra 16 in Sunshine Coast sso email to ron.heydonnz@gmail.com

I will post some hydra pics when I can find them


Ron Heydon

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