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Broken Bay Regatta


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Good morning to all interested cat sailors.

The fact that you come here to read and share ideas shows your interest.

My name is Tony Jenkins and I wear a number of different hats in my sailing life.

With my TLMSC presidents hat on I would I would like to respond to the Rev.

I don't know who you are or who you represent, but in regards to TLMSC moving their Feb Regatta back one week, it was done in conjunction with KCC. The plan was to rationlsise the Feb regattas between our selves. We may be guilty of of not thinking further afield, but there is no and never was any other alterier motives there.

Hat number 2. Self annointed Central Coast Publicity Officer.

For the past 3 years I have have been on local radio rading results and advertsing events for all the local clubs. I now have a bi weekley sailing segment on our local ABC radio station. To date I have invited on the radio. Sail Ability, The Gosford Junior representive. Mannering Park yacht & cat club, Budgewoi, Saratoga, TLMSC, Gosford Yacht Division and also the local sail boarders and kite boarders. We have had phone hook ups with various CC Sailors doing good. The ABC is very generous of the time allocated to us and every club is equally represented.

My goal here is to promote sailing on the Central Coast, every club and every class. I do this in my own time and at my own expense.

Hat number 3. Central Coast Sailing Assocation.

I can confirm that 2 meetings have been held between Mannering Park,Lake Munmorah, Budgewoi, Toukley and TLMSC. Saratoga has been invited but so far has not shown up. The purpose of these meetings was to secure the future of these Central Coast Sailing Clubs. These meetings have been attended by Andrew Hamilton from YNSW. A third meeting has been set for July 21 at the toukley Sailing club. The Agenda will comprise elections, a combined Try Sailing Day and a inter club series.

Hat number 4. Broken Bay Sports & Recreation Centre.

I had a vision and I hope other people can see it as well.

I approched Richard Withywcombe, the General Mamager of the BBS&RC about holding a regatta out of his centre. The centre already holds many sailing events each year. Mainly school and junior events.

I admit right here and now that my vision did not include 14ft cats. I saw a market for a big cat regatta.

With this in mind we approached more than 20 indivduals who representes various classes and clubs to attend a inspection of the facilites and a presentation of our planned regatta. ( I will publish the list of who was asked and who attended if needed )

It quicly became apparent that the exclusion of any class of cat would not be tolerated. We took that on board and come up with the two course format.

As for the date, late in Feb was voted on. The problem was, that the center had over 100 bookings for that weekend.

So the Centres avalibility became the priority.

As already mentioned, YNSW is 100% committed to the event along with Central Coast Tourism. It is too early to let the cat out of the bag regarding other sponsors and promotions.

I already have mono sailors asking if there will be charter cats for the weekend. We are in contact with schools who would like to get some of their PJ sailors onto a cat for the weekend.

Please be assured that this event is designed to promote Catamaran Sailing. I hope every one can see a bigger picture.

And lets not forget the long suffering non sailor who follows us around. This event is just as much about them as it is about us.

I have a meeting with Richard at 10am on Monday at the Centre. If any one would like to attend, please let me know so we can organise to pick you up.

If any one has any complaints or suggestons please let me know. Either publicly here or privatley at tnj@netspace.net.au and I promise to bring them up at the meeting and reply to them all.

BBS&RC web site http://www.dsr.nsw.gov.au/facility/c_bbay.asp

May we all have some one new to sail with. Tony Jenkins.

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