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new Hobie 18 hulls?


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this is off the hobie US forums

Ok folks, after some lengthy discussions with Hobie Cat Company, we finally have some hard numbers.

Hobie will make a run of Hobie 18 Hulls if we can get hard commitment from at least 10 buyers.

At this point we are looking at a price for two hulls of $6950.00 plus shipping.

As a one time deal, you can order anything else you may need for the boat, Tramp, Sails, Standing rigging, Rudders, Daggers, whatever, at a 20% discount.

This is a unique opportunity to freshen up your tired old Hobie 18, or to dig one out of a storage yard somewhere and essentially "build" your own "new" Hobie 18.

If you are interested in participating in this unique program/opportunity.

Speak Up NOW.

We need commitments from at least 10 people by the end of the first week in January if we are to get this pulled together in time for a May/June Delivery.

Now that we have hard numbers, we can quantify the true level of interest. I would imagine that at some point, we will need a deposit so that Hobie Cat Company can be assured that they will not end up with a bunch of hulls sitting in the warehouse.

For the time being, I have volunteered to be the liaison between Hobie 18 Owners and Hobie Cat Company as we build interest.

In the interest of keeping inaccurate rumors to a minimum, please direct your questions and interest to me, although, I am sure that at some point you will need to get in touch with a dealer to place an order and make your deposit.

Once we have all the details worked out, and before you actually part with any money, you will all get good accurate and reliable information on how to proceed.

NO part of ANY financial transaction will be handled by me. This will all be handled thru authorized Hobie Dealers Only.

Stephen Cooley


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Answers to a couple of questions to Stephen:

The price is in US Dollars.

At this point, it looks as if they will be building the hulls here in the US.

I am going to assume for the moment that the number is worldwide, however I will forward your question to Hobie Cat Company for clarification.

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