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Catamaran Sailing Tasmania style!


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I’m sailing a Nacra 5.8, I have only had it a couple of months, and I’m still learning how to sail it properly (any hints/tips now would be a REALLY good time) there are 4 other 5.8s in the state, and I’m going to try and rope em in

We have a few 5.2’s a nacra 5.0 and a 16sq floating around, but its hard to get em onto the water.

I don’t think you will see us for a little while yet, but its definitely in our future to travel to the nationals.

In the mean time we have to work on beating these rotten $15k A-class’s around the course!

Regards Darren.

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If we lived in VIC, NSW, or WA we would be there like a shot!, but there is this really horrible strech of water that costs a spinnaker and a snuffer to get across.

we have about 5 minutes to make up on these A-class's, so far I can see about 2-3 mins in our crew work, the rest I'm not sure about yet...

Is the 5.8 nationals going to be raced with spinnakers this year? I think I read about it someplace.

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The majority of the boats at this years Nationals will BE NO KITE.

This is due to the fact that most boats in Adelaide have not gone to the kite system and also quite a few 5.8 sailors that did have kites will be turning up in the new F18 class.

We are hoping to have at least 8 - 10 boats start in the F18 class.

If you guys pay for a ferry trip you could have a great time !!!

Please make an effort - you will not be disapointed smile.gif

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Guest jared eyles

It is great to hear about a Nacra fleet building in Tassie. I was born and bred there, and spent a lot of time on the water at the Burnie Yacht Club. I am currently the President of the Nacra Association of Western Australia, but alas am without a boat at the moment.

I would love to travel to SA for the Nacra Nationals, but have been asked to sail in the Tornado Nationals that are being held here in WA.

Keep those Nacra's on the water in Tassie, I hope to get back there for a visit soon.

Jared Eyles

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