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just 4 u coolj nacra 5.8 square top


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I was going to ask how you were geting on with the whole boom thing, cant say I miss it smile.gif

The way I see it, you have three options for beating Mal;

Do like they did at the Tiger worlds, If you cant out-sail em, out-drink em!

Use a long bungee cord tied tot he back of mal's boat, and when he gets close to the finish, yank him back in!

Get Boothy to skipper the boat around the course, this plan cannot fail, only thing is, your gonna need to find something he wants, like a million bux, first born child, or a night with the missus smile.gif

If you still cant win, I suggest you give up and sell me the boat for a reasonable price, like a couple of cartons of cascade beer smile.gif

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Of course we dont drink it Mal, we trade it for things that we DO want, Thats why it's an 'export' product. Andrew how would you feel about some really good apples smile.gif

But yeah, that boat would be lucky to be 6 months old?? what are you talking $15-18K?

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