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seek taïpan 4.9 2nd hand


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G'day Jean!!

The thing about taipan's is that as long as they are looked after then they are as competative after 10 years as they were when new.

I had the pleasure of having a chat with Jim Boyer who builds the taipan range, he said that many people had worked this out and were upgrading thier rig but not the platform.

Unfortunatley this does not help to sell boats! (unlike a laser which is slower after just one season). Jim said anything past boat no 3 is every bit as good as a new one.

This is the main reason why old 4.9's hold thier value so very well.

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Guest JC-Taipan

Hi Jean-Noël

To help transport your Taipan to Europe you may want to contact the following email addresses.



They are planning to ship a number of new Taipans in January through AHPC so this may lower your transportation costs.

I am putting my Taipan on the market next year, but is a bit older than the time frame you are after (10 years). You can email at james.cole@cba.com.au if you are interested. Have to say despite the boat's age there is no problem with performance. Second place at last year's nationals was a boat that was 14 years old, first the previous year was another Taipan of the same vintage so that gives you a good idea of their durability.



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