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Nacra 5 help wanted


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I have just purchased a nacra 5. I used to race paper tigers and 50ft+ racing cats since starting a family 7 years ago i have had no time for sailing. I have now been able to convince the handbreak to let me have a nacra 5. I am hoping my kids will have the same enthusiasim for sailing and racing as me. I took the boat out for our first sail last week and the family loves it. I have now got some questions about the boat and hope someone might be able to help me with as i cant find to much info on the nacra 5.

Why was it so hard to steer?

How does the front stay attach i had to use rope to attach it to the bridel (its about 2 feet to short is this right?

Does the jib go all the way up to the top of the stay or attach at the bridle?

How should the mast rotator be connected and controlled?I would highly appreciate any help and advice anyone could give me.



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So many questions, so few answers but I will help where I can.

Steering.... I need some more information that you have offered. How is it hard to steer and what is happening?

The forestay should be attached to a chainplate on the bridle, so maybe you need a longer forestay.

The jib connects to the bridle chainplate. Rosco at Brisbane Catamaran Centre has the proper chainplate and forestay that will be able to do all this for you.

Mast rotation is not so important on the 5. Many never had them at all, but as you have one, just set it up so when in the strong stuff you can stop your mast counter rotating.

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