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Nacra 5.0


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Just a quick question.

Where have all the 5.0's gone. They were a magic boat. Fast and easy to sail. I see the ones in the USA (they call it a 500) have a new squarish topped main. Looks the goods.

I would much prefer to sail a 5.0 than a Hobie 16. And the other advantage is you can drop the jib off it and you have a great single hander as well.

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Hey Emmessee (what is the meaning of that tag?) There's a N5.0 v H16 thread on Catsailor.com. Interesting reading.

I don't know if there were that many 5.0's in NSW. I haven't come across more than a couple in my years of racing, one from Keepit I remeber. I thought they were a bit heavy.

I'm going for a sail at Balmoral tomorrow, interested?

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Hi there Bern,

Emmessee is my initials. MSC.

I remember in the 1980's when there were about 20 5.0's at the Wildcat regatta. They weigh no more than a H16. I do think they are nicer to sail as well and pretty quick one up.

How was sailing on the weekend???

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