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Rasing mast on Nacra 5.0


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Hi All, I am the happy owner of a new Nacra 5.0. and feel a long way from my old Hobie 14. A couple of questions

1. Can the mast be raised by solo?

2. Any good books out there sailing / rigging the Nacra 5.0? I have the pdf manual from the peromance cat web site.

3. Is it ok to leave the jib off when sailing solo?

Thanks Ross

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It was designed as a one or two man boat. The mast can be done solo if you have rollers or a hill to put the stern up high, connect the side stays, lift the mast and if your boat is on the right angle, the weight of the mast will hold it there while you do the forestay. I reccommend holding a trap wire as well.

One up they are fine without the jib. You need a little more mast rake for this however.

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