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Maricat Mast Raising modifications?


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I realise that this subject has been discussed before, but just hoping that someone might have made/welded/etc a modification to the maricat mast base and step so that it can pivot like a hobie mast? The mast raising is the only thing stopping me buying a Maricat at this stage. I can weld and machine parts if I really have to, but looking for a plan/prototype. I'm an old fart, and I have an arm injury and trying to lift the mast vertically while on the trailer in a car park is bound to result in damage to me or the car.

I have watched a few vids on how to do it, but I know its beyond me. The Hobie 14 I had before was OK with the pivot. I would prefer to move to a Maricat if I can.

I need to be able to raise the mast in a carpark on the trailer attached to the car, solo.
Any creative thoughts appreciated


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