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Ronstan373 Jib Cleat Geometry is Wrong


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Good day from Northland, New Zealand.

I have a problem with cleating off the jib on my 14 (Edit: I mean 4.3) because the only way for the jib sheet to enter the jammer part is ONLY if the sheet is dragged across the tramp.  Any higher angle and the sheet doesn't engage in the jammer.  The only way to do it, from the other side of the yacht, is to slam a leg down onto the sheet while pulling it in.  This is not usually an option when sailing solo, and my wife can't do it at all when she is with me.  The only option I can see is to put a bigger bend in the SS metal to raise the jammer height.  Question: Is this a realistic option?  If so, please advise how I should go about it.

Thanks for any advice.


Maricat Jib Cleat.jpg

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Replace 14 with 4.3
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