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Downhaul Question on Mk1 Maricat


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Hi, I recently purchased maricat #442 in South Australia, which I presume is a Mk1, and an having trouble figuring out where all the parts go. I have never sailed before so it's all a learning experience, but studying images and video's I've found on the net I think I have figured out where most things go. The part I've having trouble figuring out is what I think is the downhaul, and how it is supposed to be connected to the boom. One part I can tell goes into the end of the boom and slots into the sailtrack on the mast, but the other three pulleys I have no idea where they should be atatched and where the rope should run. 

Does anyone have a photos of where these should be connected to? Also I attached the end of the mail sail as per the second image. Is that correct and is the boom the right way around there?



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I think I have the downhaul ok now, thanks for that. I now have a query on the mainsheet rops and pulleys. I have attached as shown, but I have a spare single pulley that I don;t know where it goes? It was attached to the main sheet rope along with the triple pulleys so I presume it should go somewhere? Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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