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AUS 151 (Nacra F18) in new hands


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Certainly less skilled hands ;)

But hands wiling to learn their way, OK old hands, but still capable of learning a bit may be not to be at the top but as Pierre de Coubertin (Olympic games founder in their modern format) used to say : "L'essentiel est de participer" ("It is less important to win than to take part") or "the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well."

We will training at Kurnell Catamaran Club (NSW). Looking forward to see the stern of most other boat with a big smile still ;)

The ex-owner, Goose Marine (WA - Gary Gornall), has delivered the boat from Perth to Sydney via Brisbane (to pick up our new trailer) with a big smile and on top of that spending 1 day in order to show us the basics of it.

Everything was as described and extras were all there too.

Thanks Gary


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