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I'm Back!!


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Hi all. Some of you may remember me. I have had a couple of different "Handles", but lately I go by the name of Claws. Most will remember my sail number, 522. (I am a 5.8) I am still around.

I have just (as of today) got new owners, and they are eager to learn how to sail me. (They used to have one of those mono hull thingys on a trailer in the NT). Anyway, after spending the last little while in Townsville, in a couple of weeks I will be relocating to nice family home at Mt Isa.

Mt Isa!!! But isn't that the middle of desert! Well, nearly, but there are some big dams out there, and I am looking forward to strutten my stuff, and hey, we may even get the Mt Isa Sailing Club back on it's feet again.

I am looking forward to racing against a Cobra 5 who I know has lived out there for the last 2 years.

My new owners are keen to learn about how to care for me and sail me well, and they have already learnt lots from reading the posts on this forum, and are looking forward to continued dialogue with other Nacra sailors.

Happy sailing.

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