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Racing Rules/Scoring


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I see my new boat has aleady been at the computer!!

Hopefully next week, we will be hauling our "new" 5.8 to her new home here at Isa. We now just have a couple of issues with the tow vehicle that we need to sort out.

Question... Does the AYF racing rule book give all the information on how a race is to be organised, and also how to score as well as handicaps?

We are very new to racing, and appart from trying to make head and tail of the race reports, we are likely to have a little bit of friendly competition here with a Cobra 5, Arrow 14, maybe a Nacra 5.0 and one other boat.

This is a great forum, and we have already learnt a lot just from reading previous posts. Thanks to the ol' salts for sharing their valuable experience to us newby's

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Thanks heaps for the information.

Our home computer is a Mac, and looks like sailing fraternity is yet to embrace the advantages of a true GUI operating system! However, my son the IT high school (soon to be uni) guru has a Curtains...sorry, Windows lap top, so he will look into down loading the software and being our scorer! (More sailing time for me!!)

Gee I like this delegation stuff...the joys of being Captain.

Thanks again

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