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The Great Race - Southport to Manly - 12 Feb

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The Southport Yacht Club (SYC) Inc. would like to invite all eligible classes to enter and compete in The Great Race. The Great Race is an endurance race (approximately 68 kilometres) for off the beach dinghy and multihulls and will stretch through the passages linking the start at Southport Hollywell and finish in Moreton Bay at the entrance to the Manly Boat Harbour.


The Organising Authority is the Southport Yacht Club Hollywell Sailing Squadron and Sail Training Centre,

I Marina Cresent, Hollywell, Queensland, 4216.

Phone (07) 55377030

Fax (07) 55377131

Email sycsail@bigpond.net.au


There are several unique requirements which need to be addressed in order to compete in this event. Special attention should be drawn to the following items in this Notice of Race:

Eligibility items 2.2 2.5 2.6

Safety items 3.3

1. Rules:

1.1 The Event will be governed by the (current at the time of the event) rules as defined in the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the Special Regulations of Yachting Australia (YA), the relevant Class Rules (as applicable), the Official Notice of Race and by the Official Sailing Instructions.

1.2 All competitors will wear positive personal buoyancy at all times whilst racing. This amends Other Requirements When Racing Rule 40 of the RRS.

1.3 All classes will be required to sail to their Class Rules and specifications. No changes will be accepted.

2. Eligibility & Entry

2.1 The race is open to off the beach multihulls and monohulls with a VYC yardstick (Y/S) rating of 123 or lower. The number of entries may be restricted with preference going to boats with lower numbered yardsticks.

The Divisions are as follows.

DIVISION 1. Monohulls with Y/S rating greater than and including 110 and less than 124

DIVISION 2. Monohulls with Y/S rating greater than and including 100 and less than 109

DIVISION 3. Monohulls with Y/S rating of less than 99

DIVISION 4. Multihulls with Y/S rating of greater than and including 84

DIVISION 5. Multihulls with Y/S rating less than 83

2.2 This is a tough endurance event and all nominated crews must consist of at least one Person In Charge who is over 16 years of age. Other age restrictions may apply at the discretion of the organising authority.

2.3 All Entrants must be current financial members of a Yachting Australia (YA) affiliated Sailing Club and an affiliated member of Y A and their boat must be included on the register of vessels of a Sailing Club Affilited with YA.

2.4 All Boats entered shall be covered by a valid Third Party and Public Liability Insurance Policy of a Minimum 5,000,000.00. Proof of this must be presented to the Southport Yacht Club Hollywell Sailing Squadron and Sail Training Centre prior to acceptance of entry.

2.5 All Crews must complete and submit the declaration and waiver (Appendix B) which indicates that the competing crew is of sound physical condition and do not have any limitations which may prevent them from adequately completing the race.

2.6 All Eligible Entries must nominate a support person who is not competing and who will be able to mobilise in case of an emergency.

2.7 All Eligible Crews must complete and return the Race Entry Form (appendix A) along with

(a) the attached personal declaration (appendix B) and

(b) a copy of current insurance policy with

© the prescribed entry fee of $50

Prior to Close of Entry at 5 pm Friday 4 February 2005.


3. Safety:

3.1 All classes will be governed by the AYF Special Regulations Addendum ‘A’ Part 2.

3.2 All Entered vessels must carry the following list of Special Requirements

• Mobile telephone

• a tow line no less than 1.5 times the length of your vessel

• one (1) Litre of drinking water per crew member

• approved buoyancy vests

3.3 All entrants must have a land based support person who is able to be mobilised in case of an emergency. This person must be nominated on the Official Entry Form before close of entries. Any changes to a support person after close of entries must notify the sailing committee in writing no later than 08:00hrs on the 12th February 2005.

4. Advertising:

4.1 The event is classified as a category ‘A’ event in accordance with Appendix ‘G’ and the Prescriptions of YA.

5. Sailing Instructions:

5.1 The Official Sailing Instructions shall be mailed to eligible entrants and shall also be made available from the SYC Inc. clubhouse from Monday 5 February 2005. In addition to this, Official Sailing Instructions will also be available at the Southport Yacht Club website http://www.southportyachtclub.com.au

7. Start and Finish:

7.1 All Divisions will start from the Gold Coast Broadwater.

7.2 All Divisions will finish between the outer (Eastern most) Port Lateral Mark of the Leads to Manly Boat Harbour and a Finish Boat to the South subject to prevailing conditions. The course may be shortened at the discretion of the Principle Race Officer.

8. Schedule of Events


1, 2, 3, 4 & 5


Friday 11th from 18:00hrs

Second Chance briefing

Saturday 12th @ 08:00hrs

Division Warning Start Time

DIVISION 1. 08:45 08:50

DIVISION 2 09:15 09:20

DIVISION 3 09:30 09:35

DIVISION 4 09:35 09:40

DIVISION 5. 10:45 10:50


8.1 The Briefing for all divisions will be held at the Southport Yacht Club Hollywell Sailing Squadron Club House beginning at 19:00hrs. The Bar will be open and a barbecue dinner will begin at 18:00hrs.

8.2 A Hot breakfast will be served on the morning of the regatta.

9. Course:

9.1 The course shall be a passage race from Hollywell, Southport to Manly observing all navigational markers.

9.2 A full colour laminated map, outlining the course to be followed, will be on display at the briefing and will remain available for display until all boats have left the shore. In addition to this a map of the course to be sailed will be attached to the Sailing Instructions.

10. Prizes: & Presentation:

10.1 Prizes shall be awarded and there will be a social function following the racing at the official presentation at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron (RQYS), Manly. Presentation of prizes will commence approximately 16:30hrs but may be sooner or later depending on the racing conditions.

10.2 Prizes shall be awarded to the first three finishers overall on VYC yardstick for each division. Other prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the Organising Authority. The winning vessel on Corrected time will also be awarded the perpetual The Great Race trophy.

11. Indemnity:

11.1 All those taking part in the race do so at their own risk and responsibility. SYC Inc. including employees and volunteers shall not be responsible for the seaworthiness of a boat whose entry is accepted or the sufficiency or adequacy of its equipment.

12. Camping:

12.1 Camping will be permitted at both Southport Yacht Club Hollywell and Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, please check with the administrators of the respective clubs if you wish to camp there.

13. Correspondence and Enquiries:

Please forward entries to

Mr Ashley Stephens, 1 Marina Cres, Hollywell, Q. 4216.

Phone: (07) 5537 7030

Fax: (07) 5537 7131

Email sycsail@bigpond.net.au

SYC Inc. as the organising authority appoints the following persons as the Race Committee:

Ashley Stephens (5537 7030)– Principal Race Officer; Drew Hulton-Smith (5537 7030); David Jorgensen (0419 661 663); Colin Metcher (0412 562 135).

For further information contact any of the Race Committee members.











(Number you will carry on Board for emergency)





















OFFICE USE check boxes

 Received declaration

 Received Valid Insurance Policy Copy

 P. I. C. over 16

 Support person nominated


 Mobile telephone  Tow Line  1Litre Water per crew  Buoyancy Vest



I _______________________ being the person in charge of boat name ______________________ of class___________________ declare that all the information supplied by me is correct. I agree to be bound by the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing, The relevant Class Rules, The Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions. I acknowledge that Southport Yacht Club Inc. is not and will not be held responsible for the seaworthiness of a boat whose entry is accepted or the sufficiency or adequacy of it’s equipment. Furthermore I agree to indemnify Southport Yacht Club Inc. from any responsibility in regard to myself, my crew and my vessel during this event. I agree that this indemnity extends to all officers, sponsors and agents of Southport Yacht Club Inc.

I believe that I am of sound health and capable of safely completing The Great Race. I am over the age of 16, and I enter this race of my own accord and understand that the responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone.

Release of Personal Information

I agree that Southport Yacht Club Inc. and it’s employees and volunteers may exchange information about me which includes the information I provide to administer my entry into the nominated event and to run their business. I agree that descriptions and names of my boat, myself and crew and our results may be used by the Southport Yacht Club Inc. to publicise and promote activities at Southport Yacht Club and may be released to the press and for public audience. I agree that all information may be disclosed to necessary stakeholders in emergent situations and when bound by law to do so. I agree that Southport Yacht Club Inc. may use the information that I provide to inform me of other events and club promotions. If I do not want this I can let them know.

I understand and agree to the above terms and ask that you accept my entry into the


Signature required ………………………….. Date…….../………/……….

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The Great Race 12th FEB

A couple of years ago, I travelled to Holland to do the "Round Texel". It cost a shirtload but was worth every cent to be a part of the biggest catrace in the world. THE GREAT RACE race will be every bit as challenging and is in our back yard. I urge you to get organised and be a part of it. Two clubs have made a big effort to stage this race. Lets support it to ensure it becomes a regular thing.

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How are the entries progressing? are you having a lot of enquiries? I hope to be able to finalise a team this weekend ... its a bit harder than I thought ... I would have thought that cat sailors would be jumping out of their skin to compete in an event like this

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Sounds like fun , I did a race similar to this in 99 or 2000 ,from Southport to Shorncliffe on my previous 5.8 .for QCYC surf to city , shame they banned off the beach dinghys after that ,( we gave some of the big boys a real scare.)There were a few noses out of joint at the presentation when a standard of the shelf nacra 5.8 blitzed on line honers and handicap boats worth 10x as much .

I will be keen on sailing this event , I'll be making some phone call tomorrow.

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Why is the below rule such a requirement???

I am not a member of a sailing club but I am a member of the A-Class association.

Why does a boat have to be a member of a club??? I like sailing all over the place, but I can't understand why I have to join a club to sail somewhere else.

2.3 All Entrants must be current financial members of a Yachting Australia (YA) affiliated Sailing Club and an affiliated member of Y A and their boat must be included on the register of vessels of a Sailing Club Affilited with YA.

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Set your minds at rest guys. I maintain affiliation for the Australian International A Divisiion Catamaran Association with Yachting Queensland. As I undertsand it this leads through to affiliation with Yachting Australia which should satisfy the Blue book requirement.

On a personal note I reckon I'm over-affiliated because I'm a member of two Class Associations and two clubs!

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I don't think that Class association affiliation will suffice. You need to join an affiliated club and pay the YA capitation fee to receive your Yachting Aust membership card and number.

Sailing is like every other sport in that you have to be a member of the parent body in order to use its rules and organisation.

The wind is free but everything else costs money biggrin.gif

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Rule 75.1(a) clearly provides eligibilty to enter a race to a member of an organisation affiliated to an ISAF member national authority. The A Class Association is such an organisation. The NOR for this particular race has attempted to provide a further restriction by limiting entries to club members as well. I doubt whether that clause would survive close scrutiny in an appeal situation. The NOR also has another interesting clause - Category A advertising. Could be interesting trying to enforce that one!

I still would strongly encourage sailors to join clubs though - we need to keep them viable. And I hope the Great Race goes well -just a pity other commitments mean I can't sail it - next year.

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John, I am quite surprised you would say that being a member of the A Class is sufficent. Clearly RRS 46 states "the designated person on board shall be a member of a Club affliated to an MYA and a member of an MYA and Yachting Australia." So have to be a member of a yacht club. Also this would ensure everyone has at least YA Silver Card insurance.

As the late entries have closed who many people do they have entered?

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Div 1 2 3 CLASS SAIL No. VYC

C.Metcher/B.Mann Sportskiff Q 10 105

I. Bowman Contender 226 107.5

W. Wild Finn AUS 233 113

M. Mulder Contender AUS240 107.5

C. Clarey Contender AUS287 107.5

T. & S. Phillips MG 14 375 106

D. & A. McMillan MG 14 376 106

C.Ruston NS 14 377 116

V. & C. Smith 14' Skiff AUS 463 86.5

R.Stutchbury/P.Exley/A. Harrie

Sharpie Q 596 95

M. & N. Dale Tasar 765 107.5


Flying 15 AUS 3254 109

T. Gordon/I. Noble 505 8738 97

G.Obron Laser 101462 112.5

R. Leman Contender 107.5

Vicki Gardner Laser Rad 116


M. Scharf Nacra 14 31 84.5

N.Morris/S.Edwards Hobie 16 39 81

R.Metcher/C.Dwyer Cobra 555 84.5

T. & T. McVey Cobra 578 84.5

L.Whitworth Hobie 16 100658 81

B.Houk/W.Thomas Hobie 16 104289 81

A.Smith/D.Sims Hobie 16 104298 81

E.& L.Lebbink Hobie 16 104783 81

C.& C.O'Shannessy Hobie 16 105289 81

M.Petersen/M.Plowman Hobie 16 105298 81

P. & B. Johnson Hobie 16 105405 81

J. & J. Binder Hobie 16 107654 81

S.Petersen/T.Staines Hobie 16 107907 81

R. & J. Branch Hobie 16 108059 81

M.Petersen/H.Williams Hobie 16 108107 81

P. & J. Bates Hobie 16 108370 81

B.Tardrew/S.Turnbull Hobie 16 108462 81

R. & B.Engwirda Hobie 16 81


L.Randell/R.Bose Capricorn F18 003 70

R.& L.McDonald Capricorn F18 AUS 18 70

M.Homan/C.Munro Capricorn F18 025 70

D.Dull/M.Symonds Capricorn F18 AUS 26 70

G.Hiles Nacra 16 35 79

T.Haynes Nacra 16 55 79

N.Peters Taipan 4.9 cat AUS071 76.5

B.& M.Kelly Formula 16 149 71

J.Buckland/R.Guinea Inter 17 Cat 227 72

M.Wilson Hobie FX1 254 76

L.Bradshaw Nacra 16 +sp 270 75.9

W.Guinea/C.Kondin Nacra F18 314 70

G.Hurley A Class KA 360 71

M.Gray/A.Fawcett Tiger F18 501 70

T.& M.Booth Tiger F18 503 70

W.Pringle/B.Murrie 5.8 + sp 525 70

B.& L.Holton Formula 18 808 70

L.McNeil/S.Sandilands Tiger F18 1162 70

N.& A.Thompson Tiger F18 1204 70

R.Jackson/D.Fuller Nacra 5.8 1333 72

R.Davies/D.Loveridge Nacra 5.8 1336 70

M.Cahill/P.Cavanagh Formula 18 1430 70

D.Jorgensen/C.Babb Nacra 5.8+sp 1591 70

J.Jenkinson/C.Newbold Nacra 5.8 1606 72

P.& D.Tandy Nacra 5.8+sp 1636 70

S.& B.Toms Hobie 18 16553 78

M.Foster/L.Odgers Nacra 5.8 72

B. O'Shea Nacra 5.8 72

62 entries - 16 dinghies + 46 cats

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Old Dog

You're right. RRS 46 says see Rule 75 which allows affiliated organisations, however the AYF has come in over the top and prescribed affiliated Club membership. I guess to help struggling clubs. We don't always follow AYF prescriptions though do we. I don't think many OTB cats would meet all the requirements of Addendum A Part 2 as required by the AYF in RRS 47.2.

My understanding is Silver Card insurance has been defunct for over a year and the AYF has been trying to broker a cheap rate for people to pay an additional amount for. Maybe someone can shed some light on this

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John, The Silver Card is still available according to the YA web site http://www.yachting.org.au/default.asp?Page=5486&MenuID=Services%2F8%2F0%2CInsurance%2F1214%2F0%2CIndividual%5FMembers%2F1217%2F0

As the Organisers have stated in the NOR that the YA Safety Regulations do apply. If there is any trouble and they have not enforced it, then they could be in trouble. Lets hope it does not happen.

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Old Dog

I realise the Silver Card still exists - have two in my wallet. The issue is more about what people think it covers. There was a view early in it's life that the insurance covered the public liability insurance requirements. That is clearly not the case as the policy is for personal sports accident cover. If we are going to race under the RRS in Australia we need to take out the appropriate insurance in addition to that now provided by the Silver Card. Am I not correct?

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John, in the early days there was the Gold Card that covered a limited personal insurance. The Silver Card has remined almost the same but has had the $ value decreased in payout terms.

You are quite correct sailors still need their own insurance policy. 2.4 of this NOR also states the amount you must be covered for.

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