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Top boat Bucko


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Hi Bucko,

Picked up the boat from Christine yesterday (saturday) and set it up at Kurnell today, and its a great boat!, no doubt about it. The guys at the club liked it and with me that makes six 14sq at Kurnell (I think), so I hope to do some good sailing there soon. Let me know where I can send that bottle of rum!

By the way, Christine said there is another 14sq for sale up in QLD ("bullet", I think), if anyone was interested.

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Cheers, no doubt we will catch up at the club in about 3 weeks.

Below is the official link for the F18 World Championships. All the latest news will be posted here. I will be flying out in a couple of hours, joining my boat up there which arrived last Sunday night.

Keep an eye out for the ‘Seawind 1160’ F18……. That is us.




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Glad to hear you are happy.

Barry (I think that is his name, the Commodore or President of Kurnell when the Nacra Nationals were held there in 2005) should remember the boat. I sailed it at the Nationals there.

Bullet (#100) is a great boat as well. If there is anyone else at Kurnell wanting a beauty post me a response. Christine's daughter works for me and Bullet is owned by her boyfriend (Dave Merrett). Peter and Jake should remember that boat, he beat them to the top mark a couple of times in the Nationals held @ Cootharaba in 2004. Dave is now crew on an F18 and is sailing in the worlds next week. He does not have time to sail his 14sq anymore and wants to sell it.

Regarding the bottle of Rum, I believe the Nationals are being held at Port Stevens next year. Me and Mick (me mate) have sold our 16sq's and have a new 5.0 on order. We intend to sail it at the Nationals (whether there be a class for us or not). You better come along so you can buy me a drink.

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