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Nacra 4.5


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I will get a few pics I hope next weekend of the 4.5 kite set up.

It is not too hard to do, but takes some time.

The price they ask is not cheap, but sure makes the job easy and works to perfection first time.

Macca and I took about 3 hours from start to finish setting it up and that was out of the bag.

It sure did make it a very easy way to set it up. I had never done one before and just followed their instructions and all was good.

It also looks great on the boat.

I hope to get out next Sunday so if I remember the camera I will take a few pics.


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Thought I might get this back to the 4.5. I have just been down to BCC and met Ross. Gave him my history (kids leaving home - my turn to do something), weight (coming down) and experience (Intro to Sailing at RQ!! and regular visits to this bulletin board). BCC and the 4.5 kept coming up as the outfit and boat that might suit my situation. Ross was very helpful, interesting and interested. I have put my name on the list for a 2/h 4.5 if one comes up and in the meantime I will save my pennies and see if I can get into a new one but that might be too far away.

I have contacted Brisbane Valley sailing club to see if I can visit over there to get some experience while I wait for a boat to comeup. They have been very helpful and obliging as well. Sailing seems a very friendly and helpful fraternity. They may need to be while I learn which rope to pull when!!

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