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Nacra Super Series and Nacra NSW State Titles


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I have finally updated the Super Series website with the latest results. Check them out at:


There has been some fantastic racing this season and so far we have had 14 5.8s, 8 14sq and 2 F18s compete.

The next and final round of the series will be the Nacra NSW State Titles at South West Rock on the 10-11 March. Notice of race is below.


2006/07 NSW State Titles for Nacra catamarans

In conjunction with the Darren Lowder Memorial Regatta

Trial Bay South West Rocks, on 10th - 11th March 2007


1.1 The regatta will be governed by the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing 2005 - 2009, the prescriptions and special regulations of the AYF and the rules of the individual Classes (except as any of these are altered by the Sailing Instructions), and by the Sailing Instructions.


2.1 The Regatta is classified as a Category C Event in accordance with Appendix G and the Prescriptions of the AYF.


3.1 The State Championship is open to boats of their Class that fulfill the following conditions:

3.1.1 Yachts shall comply with their particular Class Rules.

3.1.2 The Helmsman or Crew of each boat shall be a current financial member of the association relevant to their particular class.

3.1.3 Insurance – each boat shall have a current Public Liability and Third Party Property Insurance policy of not less than AUS $2 million including coverage when racing at the venue of the regattas. A certificate of currency of such insurance, in English, shall, with the appropriate details of the cover and the insurance, be available if requested.


4.1 Entry fees are payable upon registration at the venue on March 10. The following entry fees will be required:

Two person boat - $60

One person boat - $50


5.1 Saturday 10th March - Briefing 12pm

1st Warning Signal 1pm


6.1 Boats shall comply with Class Rules pertaining to specific measurement requirements.

6.2 Corrector weights as shown on a current measurement certificate shall be carried. If the class has no certificate, it is the skipper’s responsibility to ensure the boat is compliant with the minimum weight as described in the class rules.

6.3 The nominated sails for the event must be stamped to signify nomination. It is the responsibility of the skipper to ensure the sails measure in accordance with the class rules.


7.1 Sailing Instructions will be available at the registration area on Saturday 10th at Trial Bay camping area.

7.2 The Courses shall be described in the Sailing Instructions, which will be available at registration.


8.1 The racing area will be in the bay off Trial Bay Beach (see map below).

8.2 The rigging area and beach access is at the Trial Bay camping area.


9.1 Competitors are reminded of equipment specified by the Class Rules and the requirements of AYF Addendum A – AYF Special Regulations, Part 2, off the beach boats.

9.2 Competitors are advised that Personal Flotation Devices to Australian Standards AS1512, AS2260, AS1499 or equivalent international specifications shall be worn at all times while afloat.


10.1 Camping is available at the Trial Bay camping area, located within the Arakoon State Conservation Area (National Park). Book your camping site by phoning (02) 6566 6168. Booking is essential. Also, the hot showers are coin operated, so bring plenty of 20 cent coins to ensure you get comfortable post-race showers. For more information about the area visit the following website:

http://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/parks.nsf/ParkContent/N0601?OpenDocument &ParkKey=N0601&Type=Xo

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There should be a decent amount of 5.8's going to the N.S.W Nacra States and 2 Nacra 14m2 have comfirmed that they will be attending from Mannering Park. In the Super Series we have had 8 different Nacra 14m2 race, so I'm calling all Nacra 14m2 sailors to attend. The current Nacra 14m2 National Champion will be there.

South West Rocks is a great spot to sail, camp and socialise, everyone who went there last year can't wait to go again.

See ya on the water, or on the beach or somewhere around the camp site. You can't miss me I'm bloke with a beer in my hand.

Regards FOREIGN ORDER 1591.

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Not necessarily so matt. I Know of one 4.5 that is keen from Richmond river and although still learning the ropes with mine I am tempted. See how I go this weekend.


Originally posted by Emmessee:

I am thinking about it but I would be the only 4.5 there unfortunatly.

Maybe a weekend away with the wife just to watch might be good.


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I have three R.M. Williams Gift Vouchers for the organisers to distribute by any means they wish.

There is one for $350.00, another for $150.00 and the final one is for $50.00.

I also have a few books that RM put together, with two of them actually signed by him, which are worth quite a bit and a collectors edition.

I am still a 50-50 chance to be there, so I hope to catch up with you all then.


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I like to thank the following sponsors for there support during this years Nacra Super Series.





AND BILL HORDER who hand made all the trophies for the Super Series.

Matt, I won the $150.00 voucher and went to www.rmwilliams.com.au and I can't seem to find the wetsuits or any other sailing gear.

Photos of the Port Hunter round of the Super Series and the Nacra State Titles have been uploaded the the Port Hunter website.

Here is the links.



Winners of the Super Series Rev and Gerald on Yukka II 1639.


Second place Steve and Brett on Foreign Order 1591.


Third place Tony and Trevor on Loose 1559.


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