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4.5's @ Raceweek......

Leapin Leroy

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So the challenge is on... Who can socialise the most? Who can have the most fun? Who can come up with the most fun novelty event? How many times can we swap crews and still be laughing?

Who can be there?

The story so far, we have at least 6 maybe's and 2 definites... Come on give it a whirl....

Let us know so we can pass it on to the organisers... Speak to that bloke you know who has a 4.5 and see what they are doing around the time of race week... If he's not going, steal it and leave him a carton in the driveway, just get there....


Leroy wink.gif

"Social (&/or) Security Director", part-time breast examiner, organiser of riots and queller of rebellions.

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Howdy All,

It looks like the 100 kg minimum is going to be set in stone via discussions between BCC and the association, for Race week.

This suits me fine @ 85-90kgs and would certainly even things up for those of us that want to sail one up or even with my young daughter.

As everyone may have noticed i have been saturating the ether with posts on the 4.5 because i'm super keen to get my youngsters just out there sailing around in the company of others on the same boat... "a sense of belonging" and all that goes with it.

I don't give a rats whether we come 1st or last so long as we (the parents) are out there giving them (our children) a taste of the fun and commaraderie that has kept me going for the last 27 or 28 years.

For this very reason, it would be great to get at least 6 or 7 or more boats at race week, we certainly have the numbers out there. (We have 2/3 definites at this stage)...

All owners out there, please take the time to consider going... in terms of timing it's still far enough away to get things organised so you can be there, but close enough to start getting exited about it, (and the break from work etc)...

Again, you get me on (0412) 339-552 or via this forum.


Leroy wink.gif

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Thanks Brad,

My daughter is now 6 and my boy has just turned 1 but LOVES the water. On the couple of occassions that i have taken her out, she didn't want to come back in!!!

You're right about the rough water stuff though... I think the average kid isn't ready for that until they are at least 8 to 10. That's only anecdotal on my part (from talking with other parents that have introduced their kids to sailing.) The last thing I want to do is scare anyone off our wonderful pastime.


Leroy wink.gif

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I take it from all the gumph on this forum that you have acquired a 4.5.

I refer you to my press release regarding my purchase of a 5.0. And you had the audacity to question my orientation!!!

If you could be bothered to make the drive SYC summer series starts next week, the calendar is on the website.

If not, see you at the Cat Challenge.



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My Dear and Learned (GAy) Friend,

Yes Bucko, I have seen the light of "centre-boardless" family fun and retired from the giddy heights of being an also-ran in the big league.

Alas, my shot at rejuvenating my youthful brilliance was tarnished by a number of hushed up (and somewhat scandalous) revelations with the drug and alcohol testing authorities...

However, and it's a big one, I have retained my manic look, some additional artwork, (in the form of a developing full sleeve Tatt from a reknown artiste) and the unmitigated need for speed, by ordering a kite to be delivered with the said vessel in the coming weeks....

Yes we shall join the fraternity at some stage in the near future at your well publicised "Blue Oyster Bar" at Runaway Boy.

Yours in Wordsmithery!

"Bad, Leapin' Leroy" Esq.,

M.D. V.D. & Scar.

Better known as Big Juan to you... wink.gif

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And it's still burning Bucko...

P.S. I know you're not gay, that last kiss we had, was really ordinary! (must be the mexican in me, not the N.S.W. kind)...

P.S.S. Do you have any mexican in you? Do you want some?


Juan wink.gif

[Ed-ited for spilgn mithsakez}.

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