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I am a "NACRA NOVICE" and have only been out on my 5.0 on one occasion.

The rudder lock down system fitted to my 5.0 has a substantial rubber ring fitted between the rudders & the cleat.This works really well as a hold down but has the problem of not kicking up when you hit a sand a bank risking substantial damage to the rudder system & ? transom.

As most of my sailing will be on the Pumicestone passage where sandbanks are a fact of life, I have ordered the pivmatic system to allow the rudders to fully kick up without damage.

It seems to be a great system, but I wonder if there are any shortcomings as the pressure to release the lock down cannot be adjusted.

Will the pivmatic activate when not necessary such as if I hit one of those big blue jellyfish?

I would certainly appreciate any advice on these rudder systems..

thanks John

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I have recently replaced the pivmatics on my 4.5. I was having problems with the rope slipping through the cleats on the original pivmatics. I don't expect that you'll have any trouble with the jellyfish, it takes a good knock to make them release. I always release the rope before beaching to avoid unnecessary stress on the transom.


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