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prospective 5.8 sailor


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Hi Guys

I'll be buying a new boat next year and am considering a 5.8.

(many years ago I had a 5.2, best boat I ever owned)

My only concern is that it's a discontinued model, so I wonder what the future holds as there aren't new boats coming into the class.

Is this issue being addressed in any way?



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Sorry, obviously poor information on my part.

If they are still being made my whole post is redundant.

That was pretty much the only issue that would have stopped me.

I'll start looking in earnest around Feb' next year.

Thanks for the help guys.

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Where do the NSW boats sail, KCC?

The important thing for me,(Number of boats too) is the manufacturers support in keeping the class alive.

I guess Nacra Australia must have a certain autonomy in this sort of decision based on local fleet participation and sales.

The class has been around for a while(which is a good thing) and I believe people need a certain feeling of security in this area before choosing where to invest their money.

There also appears to be a lot of support and activity from the 5.8 sailors.

From a casual view it seems there are heaps of classes around to choose from, but when you get down to your personal requirements (mono, Multi, One on the wire, two on the wire, Big guys, little guys, price bracket, etc) the field narrows to surprisingly few suitable classes.

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the nacra super series starts at kcc in three weeks time top gun regatta. there will also be a good fleet at speers point the week before. then lithgow on the 10/11 nov.

nat,s at port stephens 29th dec to 4th jan.

mannering park 19/20 jan. port hunter 16/17 feb. for club racing i think that mannering park, speers point and kcc all have 5.8,s on regular club days.

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